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Which of these BRUTALLY Honest Reasons Inspired You to Click and Read this Report? 


Dear Aspiring Wealthy Business Owner: 


Let’s be honest. Are you someone whose: 


  • Positive about the future but not satisfied with the money you earn. 
  • Thinking seriously about breaking out on your own. You’ve had it with answering to a boss who doesn't know any more than you. 
  • Wants to own a business with huge profit potential and small risk. 
  • Want a "part time" business that brings in more money in a week than most jobs pay in a month with a little honest work? 
  • Doing an outstanding job as a painter, but lack the business knowledge to set yourself apart and provide a valuable service in your community. 



I'm Terry Begue. I've owned and operated a successful painting business for thirty years. I know this business inside and out! The picture on the right is me standing in front of my Victorian home. But I didn't discover how to make big money painting until I’d invested ten long, hard years learning through trial and error the best ways to create maximum profits. Once I made some critical changes I went from barely getting by to raking in over $275,000 in just eight months, taking the winter off!!


Now I want you to discover my secret keys to creating those results.


Have You Experienced one of those Moments when You're Driving to Work and it Becomes Painfully Clear, "I'm not living the life I want!"


Have You Wished for Someone to Help You out but can’t Afford a Fancy-schmancy Business Consultant?


If You KNOW in Your Heart You're Worth More, and You're Ready to Grab the Reins and Improve Your Life…


Secret #1 Being a Good Painter

Isn't Enough!


You know you're a good painter. Whether you’ve painted for a living or just painted your own house: you can brush, roll, and maybe even spray. You know a good paint job makes the nastiest, run-down home look new.


You deserve to be making a lot of money. And, if quality workmanship, caring about your work and attention to detail were everything necessary to get rich, you'd be rich. Keep reading because I’m going to share the secrets to becoming a wealthy house painter.


The best house painter in the world will struggle, suffer and go broke without a unique angle and a marketing plan.


I hope you’re not fooled by the ridiculous idea you’ll get rich someday by keeping your nose to the grindstone and just working hard.


With my Experience and Know-how, I’ll Blow

the Lid Off Your Income!

Helping You Crack the Code on how to Have a Successful Painting Business Almost Overnight


Believe it or not, making over $100,000 a year is not about how much you know about painting. Its how much you know about finding the right jobs, which jobs to avoid, and using a proven system. You can fight it (like I did for ten years) or discover a new way of thinking about your business that’ll put you on the path to big bucks!


When You make this Giant Shift in How

You Run Your Business - You’ll Instantly Gain

a Huge Competitive Edge Over

Everyone else in Your Area


As I said, the first ten years I struggled. I thought if I gave customers a fair price and worked hard I'd have a ton of business. As I got better I figured I'd get more established, have better clients and charge a higher price for my work. (Boy, was I wrong.)



This is how I began:

Video by Terry Begue, "The Wealthy House Painter"

Shortly after getting married in 1980, I was laid off my job (working for a painter). We only had the income from my wife's part time job. About $90.00 per week.  I was miserable. I didn't even want to answer the phone because it was mostly bill collectors. Soon the phone company disconnected our phone. Things were so bad I remember rolling loose change to buy my wife a Christmas gift.


Some weeks we’d use part of her check to run an ad for painting. Then I’d drive to the phone company and have the phone turned back on. 

I'll never forget charging $285.00 plus paint for jobs that should have been priced at two or three times that amount. $285.00 was the amount of our rent, and I couldn't risk losing the job to a lower bidder.

We ate a lot of canned soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Soon, I was up to my neck in money troubles and confusion. I longed for a better life that always seemed out of reach. I was determined not to give up my dream of owning a successful business. Yet, I had no fancy college education. And computer skills? Forget about it! I can still barely send an email.


Lots of Work? I wanted Lots of Money!


wealthy house painter Terry BegueFinally, I convinced a builder to let me paint and stain custom homes. Then I hooked up with a second and then a third builder! I was working seven days a week. I saved a little, but we were still barely getting by. After several years, I knew how to get lots of work; what I wanted was lots of money!


I asked myself, "Who’s living big in this business? How are they doing it?" I asked questions and paid attention to how they did business. I discovered a totally new way of marketing painting jobs!


It Changed my Finances, and my Life

It Supercharged my Painting Business.




It was so simple. I doubled my income in less then six months, and then I expanded on those ideas and doubled it again. And I only worked nine months out of the year! It was incredible!  


I started attracting lots of good, new customers. I went from taking in $400.00 a week to over $35,000 a month! What a great feeling! Better yet, I learned to systemize jobs brought in by my unique marketing methods. Worrying about paying the bills became a thing of the past for our family.


Start a Flood of New Clients


My methods of marketing your painting business will blow you away with a flood of new clients every week.The Wealthy House Painter’s Guide to Having it All includes everything you need to make your business fun and get the bucks rolling in! It almost runs itself! 


Have You ever Dreamed of this Situation?


You drive to the job and see a tasteful job sign in the front yard. Everyone driving by sees it. Your sparkling work van is parked in the driveway. Everyone sees the newly-painted sign on the side as you drive around town.


Your foreman smiles, "It's going to be a nice day." You go over the job together and he gets the crew started. He gives you a list of supplies he’ll need for the week. Next you stop at your home office, return some calls, set up appointments for estimates and write out invoices. You smile broadly. You'll make more money today then you used to make in a week!


Other e-books teach you to paint. I’ve seen ‘em all. But I guarantee every one tells you to do what limited my income. I was shackled to years of sub-standard earnings. When I learned to do it differently my income doubled again and again. My “Wealthy House Painter” system teaches you the secrets of painting to build a six-figure a year, wealthy business.


This is What its like Having Fun

Owning a Business


Everyone should feel this way. If you have to force yourself to go to work grumbling, life is barely worth living  You can be told what to do and answer to a boss. Or, you can take control of your life! You can make every day count, and delegate work you don't have time for. Owning and operating a painting business should be rewarding and satisfying.


Has your dream become such a far-away vision you've almost forgotten them in your quest to pay your never ending bills and put a roof over your head?

Secret #2: Discover How to Use “Different Marketing Strategies so You can Develop a Real Business (Instead of Taking Whatever Comes Your Way)

Ultimately, you must shift from being a painter, to a marketer of painting services. Maybe you think you can't do it. But I know you can. I’m proof positive anybody can. I had no special advantages over you. In my high school graduating class I was in the bottom seven percent. I had no marketing background. And the only money I had was the little I saved painting for builders. I'm ordinary, but I wouldn't give up. 


I was just getting started!!


Those were tough times, but I didn't let it get me down. In my mind I saw myself living my dreams, running a successful painting business, making lots of money, and enjoying the respect that comes with it. I realized my dream and became a wealthy house painter. You can, too.


Believe me, painting technique is important. But it won't give you a successful business. Only business strategy and know how will do it. This is true in all service businesses. You can be good at what you do - but if you don't know how to be a business person - it doesn't matter.


Dr Robert Schuller said, "Extraordinary people are just ordinary people with an incredible amount of determination." (I said this to myself everyday.)


I wrote“The Wealthy House Painter’s Guide to Having it All" based on my own experience. You read about it in my ebook. Then in the bonus video I take you on the job site and show you exactly how I do it. 


You’ll share my ups and downs so you don't have to go through years of trial and error. If I can do it you can, too. It doesn't take above average smarts or a lot of money. Just a plan and an, "I won't give up" attitude. 


And, you can make the $100,000 a year leap if you want. I'll show you how. I wish there was someone like me who taught these money-making strategies when I was starting out. Many mistakes I made (and I made a lot) cost me hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars. 


Here's the crazy thing: I put the system together, then, because I was so aware of it – I applied everything in the book to my painting business like never before. In 2008 and 2009, with the economy in freefall, I’ve had two of my best years ever painting houses. 


This is why I Decided to Help Folks like You


I started with very little money. I got a beat-up, old van and put the equipment I needed on loan. With my marketing plan I got plenty of work, and hired a few people who knew almost nothing about painting. With my system, everything ran smoothly. Sure, we had a few bumps and snags, but in a short time the equipment was paid off.  


The money really started pouring in! In 1995, I finally incorporated. Things became such a well-oiled routine I didn't have to tell my crew what to do. Soon, I didn't even have to be on the job supervising. I spent most of my time getting new business.


Then I Realized a Re-occurring Problem


As soon as one of my employees’s figured out my system he’d quit working for me, take everything I taught him and become my competition. When I look back I have to chuckle because later he would say, "I only need to work one day to equal what I was making in a week working for you!" (I discovered a way to stop this from happening.) 
I couldn't help but think if I were in their shoes I’d do the same thing. The same guys who live in nice homes and drive new trucks now barely got through high school. One didn't even graduate!
Later, one of my former employees invited me to lunch. He wanted to thank me for helping him turn his life around not just by teaching him how to paint, but how to make a great living. He told me that he brings in awesome money, but also he's treated as a professional by his clients. And, he's gained the respect of his family and friends. He told me what I taught him was worth thousands of dollars. He said I should teach this stuff to painters and anyone who wants a business and more out of life.
I checked around and discovered no one is teaching real business and marketing skills like me to painters anywhere!


That’s When the Lights came On!


It all became clear. Thousands of people out there are in the same situation I was in: limited money, skills, and not much education. But people like you know in your heart you have the ability and determination to accomplish much more than putting in your time and collecting a paycheck.


I provide guidance and tools to give you the power to do what I've done. I also show you how to avoid the mistakes I made. When you take action your life will be enriched and everyone wins! That's what life is all about.


The Perfect Part-time or Full-time Business


Over the years I've worked with teachers and students alike in both high school and college who’ve used my strategies and proven principles to make thousands of dollars during summer break.


A friend of mine quit college after two summers working for me. He applied these techniques, and started his own painting business. He now lives in a $1.5 million home and his rentals more than pay his mortgage! (I don't suggest quitting college, however, I know a lot of college grads who would gladly trade places.)


I've helped people who want to make a total career change and others who just want extra cash.


Here’s the Table of Contents. You get:

  • Spray Your Way to a Bigger Payday   
  • It Pay$ to Have Integrity   
  • How to Write Proposals 
  • Yes, You Need People Skills   
  • Advertising and Marketing Your Painting Business   
  • Differentiate Yourself 
  • Tools and Equipment for Your Painting Business   
  • Plan your Work and Work your Plan   
  • Ready...Aim...Spray!   
  • Referrals are Golden   

One amazing bonus included with your system is: “Wealthy House Painter Secrets Revealed” This video is about 15 minutes long and was filmed by an award-winning film producer.


My Video Shows You How to: 

  • Pressure wash and prep surfaces for painting 
  • Plan your work and work your plan 
  • Our minute-by-minute daily schedule of how we make it happen and how you can, too. 
  • Strategies for getting more done in less time 
  • Under-promise and over-deliver so customers are thrilled with their newly-painted home 
  • Make each home you paint like a free ad for your work 
  • Keep your crews working and happy all day long 
  • Clean-up at the end of the work day 

My “Wealthy House Painter’s Guide to Having it All” comes in three package options depending on what works for you:


 The “Computer Savvy Version” is for you if you’re okay with downloading things from the internet. You get the entire system the minute after you pay and it’s the least expensive way to get my unique “Wealthy House Painter” system.  


 The “CD Package” is for you if you use a computer. On the CD is the Ebook and special bonuses you’ll read about below. 


 The “I Don’t Have a Computer Package” is perfect for people who like things simple. You get the manual in a 3-ring binder with all the bonuses. You don’t have to be left in the cold because you’re not a computer geek. 

Here’s What Others say About: The Wealthy House Painters Guide To Having It All


We were a business who needed to grow our business and increase our profits fast. I heard how successful Terry is with his painting business and I was excited to hear he wrote a book on how to become a wealthy house painter like himself.

I purchased “The Wealthy House Painter's Guide to Having It All" in the winter of 2010. By the end of the painting season in November 2010, we had painted 15 whole houses and many other painting jobs. This would not have been possible without Terry's book. We increased our revenue by 50% and more importantly I'm re-energized with enthusiasm because I know my business has a new life. In the 2011 painting season, our goal is to paint 25 houses (our goal last year was to paint 10 houses and we easily beat that goal)!

I would recommend "The Wealthy House Painter's Guide to Having It All" to any painter, pressure washer, or other service business that desires to own a business that will; provide for their family and be a vehicle to reach their personal and business goals!

Thanks Terry!

Marcus Huth
Noble Services, Hudson, OH


“I used to spend weeks painting one house, now, by using your system it takes just a day or two to complete an entire house. I stopped screwing around and wasting time like I used to. Now, I turnover painting jobs quickly and I only take the jobs I want. Terry’s “Wealthy House Painter” system allowed me to hire more people and expand my business so I don’t have to work so hard. Now, I’ll have a business with real value to turn over to my kids when I retire. You’ll be way ahead of the game using Terry’s system from the get-go.” 

Matt Cline
Cline Painting
Minerva, OH 


“Wow! Terry Begue's manual and system on painting homes is unlike anything I've ever seen. I grew up in the residential construction industry and I've seen many painting companies come and go over the years. Terry's system for painting homes cuts right though all the nonsense and gets right to the point. There's no mystery or guess work - everything you need to know about painting homes is in this manual. Best of all, Terry shows you his exact system for operating a truly profitable painting business by showing you what to do, how to do it, and what not to do. I would not consider painting a home, my own or anyone else's, without this fundamental yet vital information. As an industry professional I highly recommend Terry Begue's 'The Wealthy House Painters Guide to Having it All'. Nothing else even comes close! Thank you Terry Begue!

Reuben - Houston, Texas

"Terry Begue is one of the most upstanding, honest people I've ever dealt with. In my 20 plus years in business I always try to seek out people I can trust who do what they say they will. Terry and his company follow the golden rule and truly treat people the way they wish to be treated. In every sense his honesty and sincerity shines through.

It's no wonder his business is as successful as it is. Imagine in this day and age, someone actually providing a great service and product at a fair price AND being truly grateful and gracious to deal with."




Dan Demyan
Executive Producer, Prism Video Group
ESPY Award Winning Producer

“Honestly, I was so discouraged and tired of painting I was hoping to find a better business. After reading Terry’s e-book I decided to give it one more solid try. Once I started learning how to do it right, painting became fun again and more profitable than ever. I was leery about spending money to learn the painting business – I thought I’d seen it all. Terry’s system really works and soon I was making enough in just one hour to pay for the e-book. Now it seems like the less I do – the more money I make. Buy it – I promise you won’t regret it.”

Lee Stout
Lee's Painting
Bath, OH

"I've had the pleasure of being Terry Begue's primary paint supplier for many years now. Terry is one of the most professional painters I deal with. He is the only painter I recommend for exterior aluminum siding refinishing. Even other painters I deal with recommend Terry for these projects. They do this based on his professional business practices and the quality and craftsmanship of his work. I wish I had 20 more guys like Terry to deal with in my business. If you want to make more money as a painter - listen to this guy." 




Joe Scott Canton, OH
Paint Store Manager 


As an entrepreneur I've been involved with many businesses over the years, and I've worked with many men and women who call themselves business experts or leaders in their chosen fields. Recently I was looking to begin a new business project. As deep economic variations continue to ebb and flow across our country I've been focusing my attention on, and looking for something to start up in the field of "Professional Services".


While looking for ideas online I came across Terry Begue's 'The Wealthy House Painter's Guide to Having it All'. Although I've never painted a home my interest was sparked by Mr. Begue's over all online presentation. I decided to download Mr. Begue's 'Computer Savvy Package' and read through his materials. I was amazed, to say the least, by Mr. Begue's professional and easy to understand system for painting a home.


Where I was once unsure if this was something I could do...after reviewing Mr. Begue's materials I am confident that I too can start my own painting services business. I'm eager to get started and will 'hit the ground running' toward great success knowing I have Mr. Begue's professional guidance from which to lead my new business.




Michael - Connecticut


Terry’s No-Brainer Guarantee


Get The Wealthy House Painters Guide to Having it All system. You have an entire year to use it and put all its great ideas and strategies to work for you in your painting business. Or, start a brand new painting business. 


If you're unhappy and can honestly say you followed my easy step-by-step instructions and didn’t get results, tell me. I’ll cheerfully refund your money.  


If you purchase the downloadable version, keep the system as my gift. If you purchase the packages I mail out to you – just send ‘em back and I’ll refund you in full. 


Who Wouldn't want All This?

  • A  50 percent jump in income next month 
  • New equipment to make your work easier 
  • To  pay off a drawer full of bills 
  • Better sleep every night 
  • A  fun family vacation to DisneyWorld with the kids, an adventurous cruise or something else you’ve wanted 
  • A shiny new vehicle you lease or buy 
  • Or,  a nice gift for your long-suffering spouse as a “thank you” 

I'm sure you’ll find SOMETHING great to do with the extra money!


It's All about Service!

As a painter I know I'm providing a valuable service to my customers. In almost every case (along with the check!) homeowners include a note about how much they love the new look. Neighbors stop by as we're working to say how great the house and the paint job looks. (Many want an estimate to paint their home on the spot.)


It's a great feeling when a small group of people form at the curb. Neighbors watch the house transform before their eyes. And, I know they’ll become my next batch of satisfied customers.


My painting business is based in Northeast Ohio where our weather is some of the most unpredictable in America. Even with all the rainy, windy, overcast days I still quadrupled my income working April thru October. Any money I make in winter (if I’m not on a beach!) is a bonus! 


It’s great knowing I'm helping people become successful business owners. I get emails and letters from people who purchase the life-changing strategies you’ll discover in The Wealthy House Painter’s Guide to Having it All and they tell me how it turned their life around. 


People who Get My System tell Me They're:

  • Treated with respect as a professional    
  • A productive member of the community    
  • Work is now fun and profitable    
  • Enjoying the challenge of each new day    
  • Able to spend quality time with family and friends    
  • Loving the freedom to set their own hours    
  • Making more money then they ever dreamed  

Okay Terry, ya got Me! How much?


You could spend years trying to figure out how to make a six figure income like I did. Or, you can learn from my mistakes and get The Wealthy House Painter’s Guide to Having it All and multiply your income over and over. Yes, even in this crazy economy. Why? People are fixing up their homes rather than selling.  


Just think what it’s cost to NOT have this valuable information. The same information that helped me become a respected painter whose pulled down a six-figure income the last 20 years.


“The Wealthy House Painter’s Guide to Having it All” comes in three package options depending on what you’re most comfortable with:


  • "The Computer Savvy Package” for people comfortable downloading things from the Internet. You get everything the minute after you pay on your computer for only $147, USD. 
  • The "CD Package" for you if you use a computer. Just $167 plus $7 for shipping and postage, USD. 
  • The "I Don't Have A Computer Package" perfect if you like things simple. Get your manual in a 3-ring binder. You don’t have to be a computer geek to succeed. You pay $197 and $10 for postage, USD. 

But Wait! There’s MORE!!


I mentioned I’ve included some special bonuses. Bonuses One and Two are written for the person just starting a painting business the first time. Bonus three is for house painters ready to supercharge their income.





Bonus One: Hit the Ground Running
How to Paint a House

If you’re not 100% sure you’ve got the technical skills, this special report gives you the know-how pros use to paint a house. From prepping the job, to trim work and everything else until you clean up – this report has it. A $29.95 value free when you get any of the three package options.





Bonus Two: Marketing Secrets From "The Wealthy House Painter"

This special report is chock-full of special marketing tips for the person just getting started. If you’ve never sold a painting job in your life you’ll have the secrets to close one sale after another after reading this. And you’ll do it with the utmost in honesty and integrity. A $29.95 value! Yours free when you get any of the three package options.



Bonus Three: Wealthy House Painter Secrets Revealed Video

You’ve already read about my amazing video. It was filmed and produced by an Award-Winning film producer. You see with your own eyes how we do it. A $49.95 value! You get it with any of the three options.

Want to add it all up?  



Wealthy House Painters Guide to Having it All Computer Savvy Package

The “Computer Savvy Package” for people comfortable downloading things from the Internet. You get everything the minute after you pay on your computer for only $147.00

Everything’s automatically downloadable the moment you buy. The ebook and two special reports are each in PDF files. The video is easy and fast to download as well.


Click on the PayPal logo below to be taken to PayPal to purchase your Digital products, which you will have IMMEDIATE access to after purchase.




YOU will need to wait for PayPal to redirect you to the download page, it may take up to 15 seconds for PayPal to process your payment before you are redirected to the download page so please be patient and don't close the page before being redirected. 


Should you close out the page on PayPal before you are redirected to the page you will have to contact us at info@wealthyhousepainter.com with your PayPal receipt so we can send you the download link. By doing this please allow us 24 hours to receive and respond to your email.


The Wealthy House Painters Guide to Having It All CD Package

The “CD Package” is for you if you use a computer. Just $167 and $7 for postage, USD. 

Everything is sent to you via Priority Mail. The ebook and two special reports are on a CD disc to open on your computer screen. The video is on a DVD disc. 

This package will be mailed to you. You will receive them within 7-10 business days at your physical mailing address.


The “I Don’t Have a Computer Package” is perfect if you like things simple. You don’t have to be a computer geek to succeed. You pay $197 and $10 for postage, USD.

Everything sent to you via Priority Mail. My amazing book and two Special Reports come to your mailbox in a 3-ring binder. The video is on a DVD disc to watch on your TV. 

This package will be mailed to you. You will receive them within 7-10 business days at your physical mailing address.


Make today a turning point in your life


The minute you say “yes” you’re making a decision to improve your life. Break away from the pack and develop your skills and a success attitude. You’ll reduce stress, clobber the daily time crunch, and, be set free for life. Apply what you learn and you’ve got nothing to lose.


The time has never been better to position yourself for financial freedom. Who says you can't have everything you want? Make the decision now to take control of your time, your income and your life!


When you learn The Wealthy House Painter’s Guide to Having it All system your life will be filled with so much promise and freedom you’ll barely remember what it was like to spend your days working for a measly, little paycheck.


I actually built my own $35,000 per month painting business from scratch, so believe me, I speak from experience. 


Don’t miss out! Order below by clicking on the title links and get your The Wealthy House Painter’s Guide to Having it All!” It contains everything you need to put you on a path to a better life and financial freedom with your business.





Computer Savvy Package $147.00

CD Package $167.00

"I Don't Have A Computer Package" $197.00

Yours in amazing success and freedom,

Terry Begue


 Terry Begue


Author, The Wealthy House Painters Guide to Having it All!" 

Owner, Begue Painting, Inc.


PS: Nowhere else can you get the business and marketing tools you must have to turn house painting into a six figure income business like with the The Wealthy House Painter’s Guide to Having it All.” Stop wasting time and money. Don’t miss out.